TMS Training Days

The TMS Training Days by TMS are a series of events designed specifically for developers. These training days offer a unique opportunity to enhance skills, gain insights, and explore the latest advancements in software development.


During the TMS Training Days, developers can participate in hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and informative presentations led by industry experts. The training covers a wide range of topics, including modern frameworks, programming languages, cloud technologies, and software architecture.


Participants have the chance to learn from experienced professionals, ask questions, and engage in practical exercises to solidify their understanding. The training days are designed to be highly interactive, promoting collaboration and fostering a vibrant learning environment.


By attending the TMS Training Days, developers can stay up to date with the rapidly evolving field of software development, acquire new skills, and gain valuable knowledge that can be applied in their projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, these training days provide a valuable learning experience to enhance your professional growth.


Join us at the TMS Training Days and unlock your potential in the world of software development!



Session Replays

Below you find the list of the sessions available as a training course


TMS Days 2023: Anatomy of an HTTP server


TMS Days 2023: Build your API with TMS XDATA


TMS Days 2023: Single sign-on authentication with OAuth and TMS Sphinx


TMS Days 2023: Building multi-tenant applications


TMS Days 2023: OpenAPI and Delphi


TMS Days 2023: High DPI and VCL Styles


TMS Days 2023: Create cross-platform apps with TMS Miletus


TMS Days 2023: TMS WEB Core with TMS XData backend


TMS Days 2023: Introduction to TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code


TMS Days 2023: Remote Development with TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code Serve


TMS Days 2023: Connect your database to TMS FNC Maps


TMS Days 2023: FNC Components Architecture


TMS Days 2023: Using Flexcel as reporting engine everywhere


TMS Days 2023: TMS Web Core component development


TMS Days 2023: All videos